Automobile Leather Repairs

We can renew motorcycles, RVs, trucks, furniture, restaurant seating, jackets, and more. Almost every car has an interior rip, scuff, tear or burn in it and you can save your customers the cost of a seat or re-upholstering in just minutes! We can also replace the parts off the leather seat.

For auto repairs we do a great job on air dry water base material for permanent repair of leather, vinyl and plastic. We also provide grain spray from light to heavy grain so to make the repair look brand new!

A few of our auto services:

Leather seats
Carpets ( by color- matching)
Cloth velours
Cigarette burns
Door panels
Steering wheels
Headlight lenses restoration

We at Atlanta Leather Repair are committed to professional quality products and superior customer service!

Seat Repair and Restoration on Motorcycle

Seat restoration can involve everything from an individual vinyl or leather repair to full restoration of the seat. This includes repairs & color restoration of the original cover and belt or cover replacement. We also provide repairs, restoration or replacement of foam, hardware, cushions, or trim.

Prices vary according to the number & type of repairs. Any seat with more than 3 small rips is usually ready to be replaced/recovered. There are exceptions, especially if it is a super rare, all original, seat and matching vinyl does not exist. In this case it is worth considering repairing.

Vinyl rips that are through a top panel with heat seams of any type are repairable and can typically be an invisible repair but cannot always be completely “hidden.”

Most repairs on a flat area can be 95-99% hidden. We use the latest up to date technical process & products to match original grain patterns. We can exact match dye for any color vinyl & color. “Reproduction” involves supplying close to original matching vinyl grain patterns and also the original small size welt cords in standard black as well as hard to find vintage colors.

We provide professional grade vinyl or leather dye in a choice of original or stock colors and will mix with our own formulas. We can also provide color changes on any seat to match any original or custom color paint scheme. We just need a color sample and/or a small part from your bike shipped with the seat.

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IF you decide us to come to your location there is a trip fee start $35 to $95 dependent where you live inspection fee or work on your area. This is excluded in any work performed.
(In other words, this fee is charged if choosing to have or not to have the work done.)

Atlanta Leather Repair

We can make your automobile look brand new!