Antiques & Furniture

Refreshing antique or furniture is all that’s required to clean, protect, and restore the beauty and value of your FURNTURE LEATHER TO NEW AGAIN, wood and antique furniture.

Atlanta Leather Repair also uses high quality a powerful material cleaner and protector which solves many more serious furniture finish problems without the need for refinishing!

We provide professional grade vinyl or leather dye in a choice of original or stock colors and will mix with our own formulas. We can also provide color changes on any seat to match any original or custom color paint scheme. We just need a color sample and/or a small part from your furniture shipped with the seat.

Restuff Your Cushions

(With new foam and pollster and padding makes buff up)


Restore the original beauty of your antiques and furniture! By one call!

Even after investing in a professional refinishing job, the value of your antique leather furniture is often reduced since the original finish and patina is destroyed. Let us show you how to restore the original finish yourself- inexpensively – and in one easy step!

You can also solve many “serious” furniture problems – smoke smell, heat blush, mold & mildew removal, paint splatters, including antiques, finishes, painted wood and combination materials
(Wood, leather fabric) – Without hurting the finish! All in One Easy Step!

Free Estimates in one phone call!

IF you decide us to come to your location there is a trip fee start $35 to $95 dependent where you live inspection fee or work on your area. This is excluded in any work performed.
(In other words, this fee is charged if choosing to have or not to have the work done.)

Atlanta Leather Repair

We can make your furniture look brand new!