Upholstery for Restaurants

We offer quality vinyl repair and upholstery in restaurants throughout the Midwestern United States.  We specialize in restaurant seating maintenance using a re-vulcanizing heat process to repair splits and tears in vinyl upholstery.  Atlanta Leather Repair also offer upholstery services to match existing seating.

Here’s an Example..

A restaurant has a channel-back booth that has a 6″ tear in the back and the seat is totaled. We would repair the tear in the back and upholster the seat…all for a fraction of the cost of new seating. Are your seats sagging and you want that new booth feel? We can provide spring replacement/reconstruction or we can restore new seats to your existing booth frames.

All work is done around the restaurant’s schedule. There’s no down time or removal of seats from the premises (vinyl repair and upholstery.) We offer a friendly, quality service that is convenient and economical.

Our vinyl repair and upholstery service area covers Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee , Florida. If you want a new look or area opening a new establishment, we are your complete service and repair company. We deliver this professional service to our commercial clients and the restaurant industry 24-hours a day. The most critical service we can provide your organization is “Peace of Mind.” One phone call to Atlanta leather repair will solve all of your problems with great workmanship!

Free Estimates in our Service Area!

There is a $35 inspection fee on your area. This is included in any work performed. (In other words, this fee is charged if work is not performed).

Free estimates by phone call only!

IF you decide us to come to your location there is a trip fee start $35 to $95 dependent where you live inspection fee or work on your area. This is excluded in any work performed. (In other words, this fee is charged if choosing to have or not to have the work done.)

Atlanta Leather Repair

We can make your restaurant look brand new!